Road Closures for the 2018 SPAR Women’s Challenge Joburg


Residents of suburbs surrounding Marks Park have been warned of temporary road closures between 5am and 11am on Sunday October 7, to cater for the SPAR Women’s 10km Challenge and the 5km Fun Run.


In a letter to the residents, the organisers have stressed that every effort has been made to minimise the disruption to traffic. The number of runners, joggers and walkers has been limited to 16 000 to minimise the impact.


Residents will have full access in and out of the area, although they may experience delays at certain intersections on the route. Marshals and traffic officials will be on hand to assist residents as soon as the route is clear of runners.


Emergency vehicles will be granted access to the area in the event of an emergency and residents who have any emergencies will also be able to gain access into the area.
The organisers confirmed in the letter that Easy Event Recycling had been contracted to ensure that the area was cleared of debris and litter after the race. Plans included the positioning of recycling bins at the water stations.


The letter stated that in addition to obtaining permission from the road authorities, the organisers had negotiated with the ratepayers associations from the relevant suburbs.


Both races start at 8am. The 10km Challenge starts in Buffalo Road, on the corner of Hill Road. The 5km Fun Run starts in Umgeni Road, on the corner with Hill Road. The races finish on the cricket oval in Marks Park.


Parking for the event is at Marks Park and at Roosevelt Park High School.
Letters with details of the road closures have been sent to residents, and temporary road closure posters will be displayed throughout the area.


See road closures letter to residents here.